What To Plant

Some trees are better than others at absorbing and storing carbon. These trees grow quickly, are part of the local ecosystem, and are easily found at plant nurseries.

Tulang Daing
(Callerya atropurpurea)

(Sandoricum koetjape)

Merawan Siput Jantan
(Hopea odorata)

(Morus nigra)

Frangipani tree

(Averrhoa carambola)

(Manilkara zapota)

(Carica papaya)

Where To Plant

Forest restoration and expansion has the biggest impact in fighting climate change. But besides that, you too can plant carbon-absorbing trees wherever you are. Because every bit helps.

If you live on a landed property, your garden.

If you live in an apartment, ask the building management about adding to the community garden.

Plant anywhere you can! That means parks, secondary forests or any other patch of land as long as it isn’t illegal.