The tree is our best weapon against climate change

It absorbs carbon dioxide. Regulates water cycles.
And supports diversity in plants and animals.
So, join us in planting trees and growing hope.

Because just like our forefathers fought for country,
it is on us to fight for our planet.

Join the fight

Know What You Are Fighting For

Malaysia has seen a drop in 10-15% of farm yields due to unpredictable weather.

In 2018, 38,000 Malaysians were displaced from their homes due to climate-related disasters.

In 2018, Malaysia lost about 35,790 Stadium Merdekas worth of forests (forest loss: 144,571 ha, Stadium Merdeka: 4 ha).

21.8 KG. That is how much carbon dioxide a single tree absorbs in a year.

46% of trees have been felled since humans started cutting down forests.

Increasing the Earth’s forest area by the size of the United States would erase nearly 100 years of carbon emissions.

Home to 3,852 faunal species, Malaysia is a megadiverse country thanks to its rainforests — but for how much longer?

If deforestation ended today, tropical rainforests could reduce annual carbon emissions by 24-30%.

How To Join The

Share it on social media and tag 4 friends so they plant trees too.

You could make this your caption. Just remember to include the hashtag #Fight4OurPlanet

Keep on educating yourself and finding ways to get involved.
We have some suggestions.

How To Continue Fighting

Planting trees to absorb carbon dioxide is a good first step. But there is more you can do to fight climate change.

Educate Yourself

Volunteer & Donate

The Fighter’s Pledge

We put aside our differences
And ask the world to join us.

We will protect our forests,
We will aid the endangered,
We will plant trees and grow hope.

There is no nation without nature.
There is no country without planet.

Like our forefathers before us,
We once again fight for what is right.
Together, we fight for our planet.

Ikrar Pejuang

Perbezaan, kita ketepikan
Kita seru semua untuk sertai perubahan.

Marilah bersama,
Kita lindungi hutan,
Kita bantu hidupan liar dari segala ancaman,
Kita tanam pokok dan tumbuhkan harapan.

Tiada bangsa tanpa alam dunia.
Tiada negara tanpa bumi kita.

Seperti perjuangan nenek moyang kita sebelum ini,
Marilah bersama kita berjuang sekali lagi,
Pertahankan dan lindungi bumi ini.